Digital Performance

We employ direct media channels that use custom marketing tactics to drive offer conversions from beyond the reach of traditional marketing

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Establishing Your Brand

Build your brand and improve conversion rates. Users are morely to chose to buy or install free offers from trusted sources. We manage your campaign with our direct publishers to ensure you reach the right audience for your brand. Also our publisher monitize with the right ads to match theirs goals.

High ROI for Advertisers and Publishers

We our dedicated approach we monitor every step of the campaign from conception to implementation to ensure that theire is the highest return on investment for our clients and publishers. Start working with us today see how we can help you achieve your revenue objectives.

Affiliate Marketing Made Simple

Wether you are publisher or advertiser we make have streamlined our onboarding process to ensure you are up and running in 24 hours or less. With the latest Ad and marketing techologies we ensure our advertisers thier target audience. While our publishers monitize the web properties with qaulity offerings.


Developing a small campaign, product or site into a successful one may seem problematic. But we know how to achieve it.

What we do

Close Partnership

Our main goal is not just to get you conversion or monitize your web asset but to work closely with you to provide data on latest trends and providing you with informaiton to make the right decision for your business.

Understanding Your Goals

It is impossible to give effective consultations without understanding how everything works. That`s what we do in the first place.

Deep analysis

We study trends and big data analysis to positon your product correctly in brand safe environment.

Cooperate and implement

We emply the latest technology and systems to simlessly intergrate with thirdparty tracking systems and providing details reporting

Having the right people

We believe modern businesses must have the right people doing the right things in order to drive success, with over a decade in online and affilate marketing we can provide you the right solution for your product.

Continue to develop

As any other modern company, a business should always develop, therefore we pay a lot of attention to it.

Performance Marketing

We enable your business to connect to right customer or user for your product and service by leveraging our network of direct publishers and networks.

Accurate Delivery

We think about our clients` needs, and so from the very beginning ImediaSolutions focused its work on the study of contemporary sales business. We also find it crucial to adapt our clients` companies to economic circumstances and requests of the market.

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Cost Effective

We work on to ensure you provide you best pricing models for your business marketing needts. We offer CPI, CPL, CPA, RevShare and Hybrid payment models. Regardless of what you are looking for we can assist to ensure you achieve your ROI.

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Global Coverage

Direct and programmatic access to a premium, engaged audiences in a brand safe environment, across 60 markets worldwide. With cross device targeting and leveraging quality and result driven web properties we deliver results. That is driven by innovation.

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We will build a unique business development strategy based on the complex study of your company.

Global solutions


We are known for its unique methods of business development. It is completely personalized for every client. Such strategy became real due to deep study of each company that is our client. Find out what covers behind our strategy and how it can be personalized for your own business.

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About us

ImediaSolutions has more than 10 years experience in marketing and sales management. We hire top consulting experts and specialists who were professionally trained and have secured their status of consulting pros.

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Business growth

Discover how to improve your business and how you can benefit from our services. Find your way of business development with us!